Definition - What does Pedology mean?

Pedology is also called "soil science". It is the study of soils, including their chemical and physical properties as they are in their natural environment. It is also one of the two branches of soil science, the other being edaphology. Pedology also encompasses the study of the microbiology of the soil and its physics. Within the viticultural industry, pedology allows vineyard owners to study the growing potential of soil on their land and develop terroir profile goals based on the soil's characteristics.

WineFrog explains Pedology

The study of pedology is unlike other sciences and how they go about studying physics, microbiology and/or chemistry. It also includes the analysis of a soil's evolution and how it functions. A pedology study of a soil type is done by using a soil auger to obtain a core sample where a subsurface exposure cannot be constructed. Following obtaining the information of the soils in the specific area of study, they are then mapped and documented.

Pedologists can work side by side with edaphologists and botanists to advise vineyard owners on which varietal vines would grow best and thrive based on the soil available on their land.

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