Definition - What does Over-Thin mean?

The thinning of grape vines and fruit is necessary in order to obtain concentrated fruit for great wine. However, vines which are over-thin can have the opposite effect. Over-thin vines, especially the canopy, can result in over-exposure to the fruit from the sun and wind. It is important not to over-thin a vine so that it can protect the fruit as much as it can help it thrive.

WineFrog explains Over-Thin

Throughout the year, vine management is a key process in order to allow for healthy growth and survival of the grape vine. For each season, there are certain ways vines must be trimmed or thinned.

During the height of the growing season, the canopy can overgrow and deter the proper maturation of grapes. The canopy has many purposes, two of which are for sugar production and to protect the fruit. It should be thinned out in order for grapes to get the amount of light hours needed for ideal and balanced maturation. If a vine is over-thin, this can cause damage to the fruit as harsh temperatures and sunshine can burn the fruit as can too much wind.

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