Temperature Inversion

Definition - What does Temperature Inversion mean?

A temperature inversion is the reversal of the behavior in temperature in the troposphere. This is the region closest to the surface of the Earth.

During a temperature inversion, a layer of cool air on the surface will be covered with a layer of warm air on top. This can cause challenges in the vineyard, especially if freezing air is trapped under the warm air.

WineFrog explains Temperature Inversion

Temperature inversion during frost occurrences can cause significant damage to vines or even kill them. There are active methods that vineyard managers have in case of a temperature inversion, especially one which can cause frost damage.

Wind machines or helicopters

Helicopters and wind machines can help circulate the air better and thus increase freezing temperatures. To use these, a temperature inversion of 5 to 9 degrees Fahrenheit must exist between the cold and warm air layers.

Heaters, Over-vine sprinklers

Heaters can also help modify freezing temperatures.

Sometimes, both methods are used depending on how severe the situation is.

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