Appellation Controlee (AC)

Definition - What does Appellation Controlee (AC) mean?

Apellation Contrôlée is the level of classification from the region of Luxembourg stating that wines which score a minimum of 12 points may be sold as Marque National (National seal). This level also states that a wine can be evaluated before bottling.

The wine of Luxembourg is mainly produced in the southeastern region of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, which retains French as the administrative language, thus their classification systems are regulated in French. The classification Apellation Contrôlée falls under the appellation of Moselle Luxembourgeoise. This appellation is also considered as the "national seal", meaning that 100% of the wine in this class is made from grapes grown in Luxembourg and meet the requirements.

WineFrog explains Appellation Controlee (AC)

As in other wine-producing countries of the EU, Luxembourg has classified its wine in a hierarchal fashion. It is done so based on a point system in which the wines are rated. The classified wines in Luxembourg are as follows:

  • Grand Premier Cru - Wines which score a minimum of 18.0 points
  • Premier Cru - Wines that score a minimum of 16.0 points following bottling
  • Marque Nationale-Appellation Contrôlée (3 categories)
  1. Wines scoring 14.0-15.9 points following bottling are labeled Vin classe + Appellation Contrôlée
  2. Wines scoring a min. of 12.0 points may be sold as Appellation Contrôlée
  3. Wines scoring less than 12 points are denied official classification and cannot display the Marque Nationale

Further classification of wine pertains to sweet wines. The wines are categorized according to the must weight (sugar content in grape juice), ranging from 95 to 130 degrees Oechsle.

  • Vendanges tardives - Late harvest wine, naturally sweet or affected via botrytis
  • Vin de glace - Ice wine, a wine that is made with naturally frozen grapes
  • Vin de paille - Wine made from grapes dried on straw mats
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