Wine Import

Definition - What does Wine Import mean?

A wine import is a wine which originates from one country and arrives at another. The individual who receives the wine upon importation is called an "importer."

Depending on the origin of the wine, there are strict guidelines that must be adhered to before the wine can be sold. These restrictions vary from country to country.

WineFrog explains Wine Import

Wine imports are a common practice in the wine industry worldwide. Wine trade among countries is healthy for the wine market and adds to the culture and variety of wines available in many regions of the world. The types or styles of wines which are imported often depends on current, local market demands.

In order for a wine which is imported to be sold to the public, there are certain requirements which must be met. This varies according to each country's customs laws.

For example:

  • Many labels must include a pregnancy warning.
  • The alcohol by volume (ABV) must be stated.
  • The country, origin, appellation or sub-appellation must be listed on the label.
  • Some countries require that the varietals are written on the label.
  • In Australia, the recommended amount per serving per individual is listed.
  • According to US law, the wine must be placed in bond until the taxes are paid.
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