Definition - What does Parellada mean?

Parellada is a white variety of grape that originates from hills of Catalonia, Spain. It is widely known for being of one the main variety of grapes, aside from Macabeo and Xarel-lo, in producing the Spanish sparkling wine known as Cava. What gives Parellada its rarity is the fact that it not known to be grown anywhere but in the higher altitude of Penedés, Catalonia. It is considered to be a very high caliber grape variety. Apart from its rarity, it is predominantly known for its intense green apple and citrus flavor, perfectly complementing other flavors of Macebeo and Xarel-lo. Around the world, Parellada is known by different names including:

  • Martorella
  • Montonec
  • Montonech
  • Montonega
  • Montoneo
  • Montonero
  • Montonet
  • Parellada Blanc
  • Perelada
  • Perellada

WineFrog explains Parellada

Parellada is made from parellada grapes, and these grapes are used to make sparkling wine and young white wine. It has been popular in Catalonia since the middle ages and is known for its characteristics of mid-level acidity and good freshness. Parellada wines have a fruity and acidic flavor and are known to be aromatic and versatile. Though this wine is produced in different parts of the world, its top producer is still Spain. About 10,000 hectares of Spanish land is said to be dedicated to the production of Parellada.

Parellada grapes are known to perform best at higher altitudes because of the cooler temperatures that helps retain its acidity, which is crucial for sparkling wines. Due to the longer growing period of the grape variety, it gets enough time for full aromatic development. Parellada is also gaining popularity in the production of brisk, dry table wines.

Small amounts of Parellada are used to produce still wine and is sometimes blended with other well-known international grape varieties such as as Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc. Parellada, along with Macabeo and Xarel-lo, produce the overtly popular Cava, which offers a light, crisp, fresh and clean flavor; it is perfectly matched with fish, seafood, poultry and creamy sauces such as mayonnaise. It is said that Cava accounts for over 95 percent of the annual Parellada harvest. Prices of Cava range from between $10.00 to $60.00.

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