Definition - What does Cinnamon mean?

Cinnamon is a wine tasting descriptor used to describe the aroma or flavor of spice in a wine. The term cinnamon describes a specific type of spicy flavor, reflective of the actual taste of the cinnamon spice, which is characterized as warm and sweet. When a wine is described as having a cinnamon aroma/flavor, you will have an indication of not only how the wine will taste, but also of how the wine was made and aged. This descriptor is also attributed to the secondary aromas of a wine.

WineFrog explains Cinnamon

When a wine is described as having a cinnamon flavor or aroma, you can expect the wine to have a softer, sweeter spice flavor than if the wine was described as having the spice aroma or flavor of black pepper, which would present with bolder & hotter flavor.

Red and white wines can both have expressed flavors of cinnamon, even though cinnamon is a descriptor most commonly associated with red wines. The flavor and aroma of cinnamon is most often introduced to a wine through oak aging, so red and white wines aged in oak can express the spice of cinnamon.

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