Torrontes Mendocino

Definition - What does Torrontes Mendocino mean?

Torrontés Mendocino is a South American white wine grape variety. Known for its golden color and exceptional flavors, Torrontés Mendocino is produced only in Argentina and is a widely popular grape due to it’s versatility in making different wine styles. The vine is the result of of the genetic crossing of Muscat of Alexandria and Mission Grape varieties, which were brought to Argentina during the Colonial Era. One of three varieties of Torrontés, Torrontés Mendocino is a popular drinking wine due to its intense flavors and aromas of citrus and floral. The other two varieties of Torrontés are Torrontés Riojano and Torrontés Sanjuanino.

WineFrog explains Torrontes Mendocino

Initially, Torrontés Mendocino grew amongst other vines and was difficult to classify, however, it’s exceptional flavor made identifying this variety a worthy endeavor. As a result of the genetic crossing of vines that were introduced to Argentina during the Colonial Era, the vine is now planted throughout all wine growing regions in Argentina. Torrontés Mendocino is considered the least fragrant of the Torrontés grapes, which include; Riojano and Sanjuanino. While these three varieties are closely related and share many characteristics, they are actually different varieties. Torrontés is a highly versatile grape and can be used to produce wines of many different styles, from dry, light-bodied wines to rich, buttery wines. The flavors found in Torrontés Mendocino include rich fragrant florals, citrus, peach, and apricot with a smooth mouthfeel and moderate acidity.

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