Definition - What does Berry mean?

Berry is the general term used to describe an individual grape from a bunch. It is also a term used in wine tasting when describing a wine which may have aromas and/or a taste of "berry". The wine may have aromatics and flavors associated with raspberries, blackberry, mulberry, gooseberry, lingonberries, etc.

WineFrog explains Berry

During the growing season, the vineyard is monitored its progress, most especially the grapes. Each bunch of grapes contain individual grapes. These are selectively called "berries". Field samples are taken every few weeks by collecting a random berry from the bottom of the bunch, the middle and from the shoulders from various vines. This allows for the vintner and/or winemaker to monitor the maturation of the vineyard in preparation for harvest.

The second meaning for "berry" is often used when tasting any wine. The term can encompass many berries. For instance, a white wine may smell or taste like gooseberries or even white mulberries. Red wines have a larger spectrum of berry aromas and tastes, i.e., juicy blackberry or blackberry jam, raspberry preserves, blueberry pie, etc.

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