Definition - What does Clarity mean?

Clarity is a wine term which refers to the quantity of suspended particulates in a wine. In a complete analysis and tasting of a wine, the appearance is noted first. The clarity of the wine includes noting the wine's reflective quality. It may be described as brilliant, dull, clear, or hazy.

WineFrog explains Clarity

A wine's clarity is assessed before it reaches the bottling stage. If the wine is displaying a significant amount of particulates which is clouding the wine or making it dull, a winemaker can then decide the method of clarification and/or fining needed to improve the wine's brilliance.

If the clarity is on the low side, or "hazy", this may indicate a "sick" wine. However, a wine which is brilliant, dull or clear is typically a wine which can be further analyzed by its aroma, initial attack on one's palate, its taste and finish.

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