Gout de Terroir

Definition - What does Gout de Terroir mean?

Gout de Terroir is a French term used to describe a wine's unique aroma and flavor attributing to where the grapes have been grown. It is associated with the term terroir often used when speaking about a vine's location, climate, geography and soil.

Characteristics of a wine with a gout de terroir will have specific aromas and flavors depending on what regions they are from.

WineFrog explains Gout de Terroir

For wine and wine professionals, specifically those advancing in sommelier levels, gout de terroir of a wine can help to identify where a wine is from, what region its grapes are from and even a vintage year. For example, schist is a soil associated with the region of Chablis. If a wine professional can identify the type of schist in a blind tasting, it may be able to determine it is from Chablis.

Gout de Terroir is also a term used to describe some foods, i.e. Jamon Serrano which has unique and particular flavor based on where the pigs graze, the food they eat and how they are cured according to tradition.

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