Definition - What does Leafy mean?

Leafy is a term used when analyzing a wine which has certain vegetal or plant-like characteristics. It is often a term which indicates a wine with less-than-desirable characteristics that results from grapes that did not reach a balanced maturity. Such wines are also described as "green" or "vegetal".

In some cases a leafy wine is one which denotes characteristics of herbs and savory notes which can be desirable.

WineFrog explains Leafy

To utilize the term leafy in describing a wine denotes a few aspects and possibilities. To understand what it means fully depends on the context in which it is used.

For instance, a leafy wine which shows characteristics of green bell pepper, chemically known as pyrazine, indicates that it is a wine with undesirable character and made from grapes that did not ripen to their potential.

A wine which is described as leafy and follows a description of herbaceous or possessing additional characteristics of a dried herbs, rosemary, thyme, corriander, etc, indicates a wine of positive elements desired by consumers.

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