Definition - What does Rose mean?

A rosé wine is a pink or blush-colored wine, and these wines are made by one of three methods. The first method to creating rosé is maceration, which allows the skins of red wine varietals to add color to the wine, the next is the Saignee method, where the juice of red wine is used to make rosé. The third method of creating rosé is done via blending; red and white wines can be blended with just enough red to achieve the desired color, this method is often used for value-priced wines.

WineFrog explains Rose

Once considered inexpensive, bland blends, rosés have gained popularity due to their incredibly delicious summer-like flavor profiles. Rosé wines not only have a lovely blush color, they also range from dry to sweet and have very expressive aroma and flavor profiles. Rose wines made by maceration or Saignee typically have a more well-rounded mouthfeel and often express more pronounced flavors of berry, citrus, watermelon, rhubarb and floral notes, with subtle hints of sweet spice. Typically enjoyed in the spring and summer, rose wines are often served slightly chilled.

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