Definition - What does Broad mean?

Broad is a wine tasting term that is used to describe certain flavors and aromas of a wine. To be more precise, a full-bodied wine with an extended approach in terms of taste and smell is considered a board wine. The term is also used to describe the prominence of specific flavors in the wine.

WineFrog explains Broad

The term "Broad" mainly focuses on the taste of the wine. If a wine has a very pronounced flavor of some fruit that stretches across the tasting process of a wine, then that fruit flavor will be treated as a broad flavor. In wines considered to be broad, the taste of the wine remains on the palate for a longer period of time when compared to more subtle wines who's flavor subsides almost immidieatly after tasting. It is basically used to explain the personality of a wine in regards to flavor or smell, which in most cases is complex with a lot of subtleties.

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