Red Table Wine

Definition - What does Red Table Wine mean?

Red Table Wine can vary in alcohol from 11 to 14 percent. It may also be called just "Table Wine". Depending on the table wine's origin, it is a wine of the lowest ranking and one which does not adhere to any strict regulations in its making. There are no restrictions regarding the varietal or varietals used, its aging and other steps in the process of its making.

WineFrog explains Red Table Wine

Red Table wine is a generic term used to describe a blended wine of various varietals. Depending on the country or regulating wine body, table wine is often found at the bottom of wine quality rankings. For higher ranked wine, such aspects from harvest to winemaking is regulated and strict; allowable varietals, harvest yields, how the fruit is harvested, sorting, methods used during fermentation, aging and fining and filtering. In the Old World, most wine's labeled as "Table Wine" can only be sold domestically.

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