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China's fast expansion into the global economy has also extended into the industry of winemaking. Evidence suggest that wine was prevalent in China about 5000 years ago. With the emerging interest in wine consumption, vineyards in the Ningxia region have received international acclaim, and collaborations with French producers have been beneficial. China has excellent potential in wine production, and is one of the top ten global markets for wine.

WineFrog explains China

Although wine has a long history in China, its use was mostly medicinal - not much thought was given to taste or color. However, with the changing times and globalization, China has started producing some excellent wines. Wine regions in China are located in the eastern and western part of the country.

Wine in China is a developing industry, and the country has not reached its potential yet. The mountainous Ningxia region is the most famous wine production region in China with its red wine being compared to Boudreaux wines. However, with a market that prefers international wines, China may face a demand problem if investors are more interested in importing wines than focusing on home grown ones. Regardless, China has shifted from the traditional medicinal uses of wine, and the production and consumption of wine is a growing industry.

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