Definition - What does Climat mean?

"Climat" is a term used when speaking of the wines in Bougogne (Burgundy). Climat and leiux-dits are used to describe wines from this region and their unique identity. Climat, refers to delineated plots of land which have specific climatic and geological conditions. Furthermore, it is specific to a wine's organoleptic qualities; aroma, flavor and texture.

WineFrog explains Climat

The use of the word "Climat" began in 1935 via the National Institute for Origins and Quality (INAO). It is used in legal texts which apply to all appellations of Burgundy, no matter the hierarchy of the vineyards. The vineyards who are uniquely referred to as Climats are those where Pinot Noir and Chardonnay are grown.

An example of a vineyard in Burgundy which falls under Climat are those referred to as clos. These refer to vineyards surrounded by dry-stone walls. These plots date back to the Middle Ages and the walls were built to protect vines from herds of animals.

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