Vertical Tasting

Definition - What does Vertical Tasting mean?

Vertical is a process of tasting wine that includes wines from different years produced in the same winery. During vertical tasting, wine connoisseurs can identify the contribution of production year from a range of the same type of wine that is produced in the same winery, but the year of production or vintage is different. This process of wine tasting can also divulge the contribution of environmental changes and production changes over the years on the taste of the final wine product.

WineFrog explains Vertical Tasting

Vertical tasting can help identify the changes in the taste of wine based on factors that affect harvesting. Things like the amount of rainfall and exposure to sunlight can affect the vineyards during the harvesting period; these environmental factors are referred to a topography in the wine industry. Similarly the machinery used in the production and the role of the manufacturer can also change the final product. These factors can ultimately alter the taste of the same wine during different vintages.

There is no specific order for vertical wine tastings; they can be offered in order from younger to older or older to younger. However, connoisseurs believe that the older wines tend to be more complex so most vertical tasting typically start with young wines and progress to older ones.

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