Axillary Bud

Definition - What does Axillary Bud mean?

The axillary bud is the embryonic shoot that can be found in the axil of a leaf. This is the region where the stem of the leaf meets with the branch. Each axillary bud has the potential to form a shoot, whether it is a vegetative shoot or a flowering shoot (reproductive shoot).

WineFrog explains Axillary Bud

An axillary bud, sometimes called a compound bud, is found at the section of a grape vine where the leaf stem meets with a branch. Each leaf of a grape vine begins as an axillary bud.

The axillary bud has two parts, the lateral bud and the dormant bud. The latent bud will grow immediately, while the dormant bud will remain dormant. The latter part will remain in this state to overwinter and become the following season's crop.

The lateral section of the bud is actually the true axillary bud which forms leaves. The dormant bud is what is formed in axil of the lateral bud.

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