Definition - What does Vineyard mean?

A vineyard is an area where grapes are planted and grown largely for the purpose of producing wine. Vineyards are large estates where careful thought and consideration is put into its management for optimal grape yields. A vineyard is characterized by its geographical and geological characteristics, which contributes towards the wine produced.

WineFrog explains Vineyard

Though the earliest evidence of the existence of a vineyard was found between 6000 and 5000 B.C., the term vineyard originated in Europe in the 1300’s. The word "Vineyard" replaced the word "wingeard". It is a basic merging of the words vine + yard.

A vineyard has various aspects including the science behind management and production. The study of vineyards is known as viticulture, and this helps understand and improve the wine production mechanisms through vineyards. Given that the quality and taste of wine is often determined by factors in the vineyard where it was produced, the vineyard is the foundation of wine and wine making.

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