Vascular Elements

Definition - What does Vascular Elements mean?

The vascular system includes a group of specialized cells located throughout a grapevine, which conduct the delivery of dissolved nutrients and water collected by the roots. It also gives the structure and overall support frame to the vine. The development of the vascular system begins with the growth of new buds each spring.

WineFrog explains Vascular Elements

There are two main parts to the grapevine's vascular system, the xylem and the phloem.

The xylem is made up of dead and lignified fibers and is in charge of transporting nutrients and water taken up by the vine's root system. Ray cells are also found in the xylem, creating storage and transport to the radial parts of the vine.

The phloem is a group of cells and conductive tubes that transport the food created by photosynthesis to the rest of the plant.

Each winter, the vascular system disconnects itself from the vine, and the dormant period begins. When the spring arrives, buds will begin to break and the system will then begin to reconnect itself. This process can be somewhat lengthy and the final connection is only finished when the blooms appear.

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