Qualitatswein (QbA)

Definition - What does Qualitatswein (QbA) mean?

Qualitatswein means "quality wine", derived from its German counterpart and is one of the eight wine classifications tiers in the Verband Deutscher Pradikats (VDP) classification system used in Germany and Austria. This classification system from Germany is highly important to the standardization of wine, a law made in 1971, which included 2,600 Einzellagen or vineyards.

The product of these vineyards can be of any quality level, however, it still must depend on the must, weight or ripeness of the grapes.

WineFrog explains Qualitatswein (QbA)

The ripeness of the grapes differs and affects the kinds of wine that will be produced. The categories of the ripeness are also called quality levels.

While ripeness is always a key element noting a wine's body, it is not really the indicator of its quality. It does, however, determine sugar levels of the varietals at harvest and although they may carry a high sugar content at that time, the varietal's ripeness does not necessarily indicate the sugar content of the wine as a final product.

Most of the wines made under the this German category are usually dry.

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