Single Vineyard

Definition - What does Single Vineyard mean?

In the context of wine classification, the term "single vineyard" refers to wine that is made using grapes from a single vineyard rather than using grapes from different vineyards. The reference is to the geographical location of where the grapes were grown, and should not be mistaken for a single varietal wine, as the wine can be a blend, as long as the grapes were all grown on the same vineyard.

WineFrog explains Single Vineyard

Single vineyard wines are classified as high-quality wines and are easily recognizable, as the vineyard name is printed on the label. The term indicates that the wine grapes used to produce the wine were grown at the specific vineyard mentioned on the label.

Under different regulations from wine governing bodies, specific criteria define the use of the term single vineyard on the label. In the Unites States, this means that at least 95% of the grapes must have been grown at the vineyard. Single vineyard wines are popular as the terroir of the vineyard is believed to be easier to identify and taste, and that the wine is superior, as more care and attention can be given to vines and grapes grown in a single location.

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