Somm Guild

Definition - What does Somm Guild mean?

The Somm Guild, also called The Guild of Sommeliers is an international organization whose members are wine professionals and sommeliers. It is the purpose of the Somm Guild to promote the collaboration and enrichment of their members in the hospitality industry. It is an online community where members collaborate, communicate and share their knowledge with other wine professionals.

WineFrog explains Somm Guild

The Somm Guild is a group of wine professionals and sommeliers who network online and often organized in-person events. It is a non-profit organization that not only sets up a network for wine professionals around the world for communication, but they also assist in organizing funds and creating scholarships for those who wish to further their study as a wine professional. They award $100,000 on a yearly basis to wine students around the globe, including paid-for trips to many wine regions to experience and learn about first-hand.

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