Definition - What does Lively mean?

To describe a wine as 'lively', it is often synonymous with other adjectives as fresh and bright.

Technically speaking, these are wines that contain elements of fresh acidity compared to that of citrus fruits, fresh tropical fruits and red spring berries. Wines described as lively are refreshing and light on the palate.

WineFrog explains Lively

Lively wines can fall under the following categories: Light-bodied, acidic, citrusy and/or exotic. They are typically light-bodied wines and sometimes a style of sparkling wine or those with a bubbly essence when served.

On a more subjective note, lively wines are refreshing, delightful and fun. They are wines which entice one's appetite and are easy to drink. These styles of wines are often served chilled.

Lively wines are often served as aperitifs as they open the palate and are mouth-watering. Some examples are Brut Champagne and sparkling wines, Sauvignon Blanc, Chablis, some light styles of rose wine, etc.

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