Double Blind

Definition - What does Double Blind mean?

In the context of wine tasting, "double blind" is when the wine taster knows nothing about the wine they are tasting. A double blind tasting requires that the taster rely solely on the appearance of the wine in the glass, the aroma and taste of the wine, without being influenced by the bottle, the price or any other information about the wine.

WineFrog explains Double Blind

Double blind tastings remove any bias or influence the taster would experience by having a preconceived idea about a wine they are going to taste and tasters have to rely on their senses and palate to determine the taste and quality of a wine. Tasters can be influenced by the name of the wine house or winemaker, the vintage, the varietal, the price and previous ratings that the wine has received, and in a double blind tasting, this information is all withheld from the tasters.

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