Definition - What does Lush mean?

Lush is a term used to describe individuals that consume excessive amounts of alcohol. It could also be used to define certain characteristics in wine. There are certain wines and certain consumption patterns that trigger a lush sensation, and lush wines typically have a distinguished flavor that sets them apart from other wines.

WineFrog explains Lush

Wines with a fruity flavor are called "lush". Lush wines are velvety and soft, and they exude a rich aroma of fruit. Lush wines are often concentrated and considered "fat" as well. A wine that is described as lush is never astringent or hard. Lush wines are very juicy, because they are high in residual sugar and often taste soft or viscous; they are are sweet and flavorful. Despite their rich-flavored and opulent character, lush wines have a moderate price range.

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