Definition - What does Stone mean?

Stone is a wine tasting descriptive term that is used interchangeable with the term Minerality to describe a specific aroma or flavor in a wine. Stone is the descriptive term used to describe the aroma or flavor of crushed stones, rocks or wet cement in a wine. These aromas and flavors are present in wines produced with grapes grown in mineral-rich, stony soils.

WineFrog explains Stone

Stone is not an easy aroma or flavor to explain, as the aroma or flavor of stones and rocks is not a common taste for many people. The term is used to describe the presence of salinity, flintiness, or more easily, wet cement or wet sand. While this characteristic is difficult to explain, it is very desirable in wines and indicates the terroir of where the wine was grown based on the composition of the soil. Stone is associated with wines that are grown in stony, rocky soils that are high in minerals. Sauvignon blanc wines produced in the Upper Loire Valley of France are well known to have pronounced stone aromas especially those produced in the Sancerre and Pouilly-Fumé wine regions.

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