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Château Latour is located in the Médoc region in the commune of Pauillac in the northwest region of Bordeaux. It has been classified as a Primier Cru since the Bordeaux Classification of 1855. They produce three red wines each year; its Grand vin, Les Forts de Latour (second label) and Pauillac.

WineFrog explains Chateau Latour

Château Latour is known for high-quality, expensive wines. In 2011, a six-liter bottle of their Grand vin was sold for £135,000.

The oldest mention of the estate dates back to 1331, in an authorization granted to Gaucelme de Castillon from the Lord Pons to erect a fortified tower in the parish of Saint Maubert.

Until the end of the 16th century, Latour was a lord's domain who earned rent from the farmers who cultivated the estate.

As history went on, Château Latour became the property of Alexandre de Ségur.

By the mid-18th century, England's aristocracy and the local bourgeoisie and nobility had a developed taste and appreciation for quality wines. Latour was already very established and ready to market its wines. It was one of the first estates who exported wine and during this time they expanded their vineyard cultivation to meet the rising demand

Today, the estate is run by François Pinault. Under new leadership and a growing winemaking estate, they are beginning to start farming biodynamically in respect to the environment.

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