Definition - What does Rotwein mean?

Rotwein translates directly from German as "red wine." While Germany is mainly known for its white wines, they also make red wines.

One of the common red wines in Germany is Spätburgunder, their name for Pinot Noir. Other red wines are made from Dornfelder and Trollinger. These red wine styles from Germany are medium-bodied and known for their fruity character.

WineFrog explains Rotwein

The Rotwein of Germany does not get much attention compared to its variety of white wine styles.

Spätburgunder, since it is made from the Pinot Noir grape, remains consistent in its aromatic notes of strawberry and fresh red cherries. Because of Germany's cool climate, it also retains its ability to showcase the terroir with earthy notes. It makes a good pairing with any mushroom dish, duck and satay.

Dornfelder is a little darker in aromatics and flavor with perfumes of warm, Christmas spices and juicy, dark summer berries. Pair this with a slow-roasted chicken, pizza and even pork tenderloin.

Trollinger might be the more unique out of the three with notes of dried red fruits, strawberry pie and depending on the aging, it easily can stand up to smoky notes from the barrel. Some even say it takes on the aroma and flavor of Jolly Rancher candies and red licorice. Pair this with some Bratwurst and onions off the grill, your mom's meatloaf recipe and ripe, creamy cheeses.

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