Leaf Bud

Definition - What does Leaf Bud mean?

A leaf bud is the anatomy of a grape vine containing the leaves which will form the canopy. The leaf bud's anatomy has three parts that form an axillary bud. It develops in the leaf axil. This is the area located between the stem or shoot of a grapevine and where is joins with a leaf.

WineFrog explains Leaf Bud

A leaf bud contains buds which will produce leaves and form the canopy of the grape vine. The leaf bud contains three points where leaves may grow. These points act as back-up in the event that leaves are broken off or fall off during the growing season to produce another leaf. Primary, secondary and tertiary buds are contained within the single leaf bud. The secondary and tertiary parts of the bud are less developed and will only mature when the primary leaf, which forms from the bud, falls or breaks off.

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