Leaf Axil

Definition - What does Leaf Axil mean?

During growing season, shoots form from buds in the axil of the leaf. The leaf axil is the point on the main stem where the buds or shoots develop. At every leaf axil there is a primary bud and a latent bud; the primary bud grows out to become the main fruiting shoot for the season. Next to the leaf axil is the latent bud or bract axil that forms in case of illness, injury or death would occur and harm the main bud or shoot.

WineFrog explains Leaf Axil

The leaf axil is located where the shoot grows out of the main stem and is an important guideline for growth and pruning. Each lateral shoot will grow a latent bud in the first leaf axil as a form of survival. The leaf axil is also situated next to a bract axil which forms the lateral or secondary bud. The main leaf axil and the primary bud will produce the lateral shoot which is the main shoot for that particular growing season. If the secondary shoot is needed or grown in the following season, the yield will not be as high as with the original leaf axil.

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