Definition - What does Row mean?

A row is a section of a vineyard made up of vines, typically trained and grown on a trellis system. The orientation of the rows is often dependent on the local climate, geography and the vineyard manager's decision.

The direction a row faces and its trellis system will affect how fruit ripens and matures.

WineFrog explains Row

The rows in a vineyard assist vineyard managers and vineyard workers efficiently manage and maintain a vineyard.

The direction of the rows can be determined based on the size/scale of the overall vineyard and the relief of the land. Row direction and orientation can also be specifically selected depending on the varietals which will be cultivated and the trellis system they grow on.

With the organization of a vineyard, it is easy to manage from pruning to harvest and other activities, such as planting cover crop, weeding, fertilizing, running irrigation, etc.

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