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Definition - What does Produced And Bottled By mean?

When a label states that it was "Produced and Bottle By[insert winery's name here]", this means that the winery crushed, fermented and bottled a minimum of 75 percent of the wine in the bottle. This does not mean that the winery grew the grapes which were used to make the wine. The other 25% may be wine which was made by another winery.

WineFrog explains Produced And Bottled By

"Produced and Bottled By" or "Made and Bottled By" is information which may be found on a wine label.

While 75% of the wine is required to have been crushed, fermented, fined, aged and so on within the winery stated on the label, another 25% is permitted from somewhere else.

While this information is not necessarily a statement of quality or otherwise, the fact is that 25% of the wine can be from somewhere else without any restrictions on what that wine may be, what grapes it was made from, of how it was made. These wines may fall into low- to mid-range priced wines, and are not typically wines which collectors will search out, but they may be enjoyable for a casual occasion.

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