Definition - What does Winery mean?

A winery is a viticultural area that is dedicated to wine making. A winery could include: vineyards to produce grapes, warehouses to store the produced wine, tasting rooms to let consumers taste its wine, and other additions like bottling lines, tank farms and laboratories. There are three types of wineries: micro wineries urban wineries and farm wineries.

WineFrog explains Winery

A micro-winery is a small winery that orders varieties of grapes from various vineyards to produce wine. Their production is on a smaller scale and usually for local consumption.

An urban winery is a commercial winery that orders specific grapes from specific areas to produce wine using urban facilities and high technologies. Urban wineries usually have laboratories, bottling lines, warehouses and tank farms.

A farm winery is a commercial winery where their wine is grown, produced and bottled. Since the wine is sold in the farm, this sort of winery also contributes towards agritourism. This type of winery is believed to be the first type of winery to function, and it is said to have existed for thousands of years. The oldest-known farm winery, Areni-1, is believed to be around 6,100 years old. This winery is located in, Armenia and is still considered a wine making region.

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