Wine Connoisseur

Definition - What does Wine Connoisseur mean?

A wine connoisseur is an individual who has deep knowledge of the subject of wine. This knowledge goes beyond knowing how to taste wine or having a deep appreciation.

A seasoned connoisseur will, for instance, have the ability to assess a young wine and know its aging potential. These are individuals who go through formal training to educate themselves on the intricacies of wine, winemaking, geography, history, etc.

WineFrog explains Wine Connoisseur

A wine connoisseur should not be confused with an oenophile.

An oenophile is someone who is passionate about wine, enjoys tasting wine and learning the gastronomic aspects of wine. These wine-loving individuals are someone you might enjoy the company of over dinner as they will know how to pick a proper wine for most meals.

On the other hand, a wine connoisseur is further educated in the basic or even detailed methods of winemaking and the science behind it. Most will take the extra step in taking classes on wine for a sommelier certification.

This education includes a depth of understanding of wine history and wine laws throughout the world, geography and what varietals are grown where. Some become wine educators. Wine connoisseurs are also well-adept in tasting and analyzing wine for what it is, without much bias.

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