Definition - What does Chewy mean?

To describe a wine as "chewy" refers to a wine's texture. A chewy wine is one which consists of a full-body, both in flavor and texture. It is often in combination with bold flavors and characteristics paired with a wine's big tannin structure. Depending on the consumer, this may or may not be a desirable characteristic.

WineFrog explains Chewy

When chewy is a term used to describe a wine, it is referring to the body of a wine. Such "chewy" wines are associated with full-body and heavy tannin structure. The tannin in such wines coat the palate and can seemingly overwhelm the consumer, though it is often subjective to the taster whether it is desirable or otherwise. Such chewy wines with big tannin presence on the palate may be aged making for softer more refined wines with maturity.

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