Definition - What does Estate-Bottled mean?

"Estate Bottled" is often terminology found on a wine label. In order for this to be noted on the label, restrictions say the wines must be made of grapes which are owned by the winery or are found under the direct viticultural control. Furthermore, the wine must be 100% produced, aged and bottled at the winery.

WineFrog explains Estate-Bottled

When "Estate Bottled" is found on a wine label, this indicates that the winery was in control of the wine produced from the beginning stages of production all the way until end. In many countries with strict wine laws, this is an indication of quality and quality control.

In order for "Estate Bottled" to be placed on the wine label, it means that the winery must crush and ferment the grapes, fine the wine, age it and finally bottle the wine on their very premise.

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