Definition - What does Flowering mean?

Flowering refers to the beautiful phenomenon of flowers appearing on grapevines for the first time in the year. This process of flowering usually takes place during late spring, about 40-80 days after the buds break and gives rise to pollination and fertilization of the berries used for wine production. Flowering is also a term used in other agricultural aspects where planted goods begin to sprout flowers.

WineFrog explains Flowering

Flowering is an integral part of the grapevine lifecycle, and grapevines are quite delicate during the flowering period. Since each flower seen during the process of flowering sets the stage for grape yield, it is important to take care of the grapevines with extra attention during this time. The ideal weather for flowering is a wind-free, mild climate with the absence of rain. This type of weather prevents flowers from falling off so that berries can grow - thus translating the flavor to wines produced using the grapes.

In order to assist the flowering process, vintners use large fans for air circulation or use heaters and sprinkle the vines with water to maintain ideal temperatures. Fungi may also infect the grapes during the flowering process and reduce the quality of the vine, so it is very important to use proper sprays to combat fungal growth. Treating the vines well during the flowering season will result in better quality grapes, and thereby, better wine.

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