Definition - What does Floral mean?

The term floral is sometimes used to describe a wine during its analysis to say that it presents aromas and/or flavors which are reminiscent of flowers. The majority of floral wines are white and rosé wines, however, there are rare red wines that possess the same character. There are some specific varieties of grapes which are known to create floral wines.

WineFrog explains Floral

A floral wine is one that has characteristics in the aroma and taste of the wine which resemble flowers or the perfume of certain flowers. The following varieties are listed with their commonly noted floral characteristics.

  • Viognier - Violet
  • Torrontes - Orange blossom
  • Muscat - rose or honeysuckle
  • Riesling - Honeysuckle

Rose wine can carry notes similar to that of flowers ranging from white to red. The famous Barolo red wine of northern Italy is known for its aroma of roses.

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