Vineyard Tour

Definition - What does Vineyard Tour mean?

A vineyard tour is a physical tour through the grounds and facilities of a vineyard. On a vineyard tour you can expect to not only inspect the vineyards, and wine-making facilities, you can also learn about the history of the vineyard, how they make wine and their wine philosophy. Most tours end in the tasting room, and you can taste the wines produced at the vineyard from various vintages.

WineFrog explains Vineyard Tour

Vineyard tours can be educational and fun. Vineyards are typically located in the countryside and often have picturesque vistas. A vineyard tour serves to teach visitors about the vineyard, wine grape growing and the winemaking processes employed in the vineyard's winery. During tours, visitors also get to meet and speak with wine growers and makers who can share their vision and philosophy of why and how they make wine, see historical photos of generational vineyard production and more. As wines are specific to the regions that they grow in, you can learn to develop your palate by touring vineyards and tasting wines with the folks who grow and produce the wine, and you’ll gain insight about the particular flavors and characteristics of the wine you are tasting.

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